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Jeton Kelmendi is an author who, in writing a tri-dimensional poetry, entwines the modern with the actual and communicates it in an original as well as a traditional way. The literary critics have valued his verse for its clear, powerful and artistically accomplished massages. The language of Kelmendi is individual and is quite naturally conveyed to the readership, as a pleasant and appealing form, due to, perhaps, its touching complex and figurative concepts. The essence of his poetry is the vertical narration and the selective subject matter, with which he plays in time and space.  
The Albanian poet Jeton Kelmendi was born in Peja in 1978. He attended primary school and secondary school in his native town, and then he studied at the University of Prishtina. He is the correspondent of several Albanian (Kosovar and Albanian) media and cooperates with a number of others abroad. Kelmendi is a quite familiar name to Kosovar poetry readership since 2000. He is also renowned as a journalist covering political and cultural issues. Kelmendi’s poetry is translated in several languages and is included in a number of anthologies. He is a member of several international poets’ clubs and he has contributed to cultural magazines, especially in English. The essentially poetic thought of Kelmendi is the subtlety of expression and the care for the word. The themes that dominate his creations are love and the raw realities of the political situation, quite often permeated by feelings of disappointment for the current state of affairs.
He is a war veteran of UCK (Kosovar Liberation Army). Kelmendi is currently settled in Brussels and he is a member of the Professional Journalists Association of Europe. 
Tituj tė veprave
Shekulli i Premtimeve, 1999 (poezi) 
Pėrtej Heshtjes, 2002 (poezi) 
Nė qoftė mesditė, 2004 (poezi) 
Mė fal pak Atdhe, 2005   (poezi) 
Ku shkojnė ardhjet 2007 (poezi) 
Zonja Fjalė 2007  (dramė)
Ce mult s-au rćrit scrisorile /Sa fortė janė rralluar letrat antologji personale nė Gjuhėn Rumune 2007

Erdhe pėr gjurmė tė erės 2008 (poezi) 
The work  
The century of promises, 1999 (poetry)
Beyond the silence, 2002 (poetry)
If it is noon, 2004 (poetry)
Give me some homeland, 2005 (poetry)
Where are the comings heading to, 2007 (poetry)
Mrs. word 2007 (play)
Ce mult s-au rćrit scrisorile (how infrequent have the letters become) personal Anthology of poems in Romanian 2007. 
You followed the footprint of the wind 2008 (poetry)
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